We are an Iraqi telecommunication and internet company poised with one deed in mind; to revolutionize the digital experience of Iraqi citizens and organizations.
A long-time has passed since we started our work, and we’ve gone through so much that brought us experience, knowledge, and expertise. We always stay at the top of our game and, through a professional and productive staff, have boosted up our capabilities by involving difficulties, achieving more experience, and truly realizing what the needs of the Iraqi community are. Since the beginning, we have expanded our digital solutions, gear, and types of equipment exponentially with our customers’ interests in our mind at the core of every single effort.
You can peer up with us to cast aside your cybersecurity concerns, establish reliable and constant internet and intranet connections, set up massive data centers, develop highly-optimized mobile applications, and receive professional IT consultancy.
Also, we have done many great projects throughout the country, including the installment of Satellite & Terrestrial TV channels. We take pride in participating in IT and telecommunication projects in Iraq and picking up the left-over tasks at all levels of the community and government. We empower our users and get them linked to the digital world through our state-of-the-art solutions and bring even the most remote parts of the country online in no time.
The Iraqi industry is a growing field, and we are its leading spear. To establish further growth and east the path to development for the Iraqi telecommunications and Internet sector, we are willing to cooperate with international counterparts and take on any unfinished projects within the borders of the country.